NewCommodity well developed and implemented Risk Management System is aimed at observing laws, in particular, antitrust and competition laws, anti-money laundering law, etc., identifying and monitoring potential risks, and eliminating identified vulnerabilities. Being a key part of improving the company`s business and increasing its efficiency, the whole system assists in protecting corporate assets and, thus, protecting NewCommodity shareholders, while creating business opportunities.


NewCommodity Trading AG acts honestly and behaves ethically correctly towards all interested parties, which corresponds to many years of our corporate philosophy, our goals, and our basic principles. We are open, honest, decent and responsible for our actions and commitments made. Many years of impeccable behavior has allowed NewCommodity Trading AG to earn a reputation as a reliable partner, and we expect our business partners to share our values, and views on the established corporate culture and conduct.


We are deeply convinced that long-term mutually beneficial relations can only be established on the basis of open and effective communication and cooperation, fair competition, fulfillment of all the commitments made in the best interests of all parties, and that is why, we seek to work only with those business partners whose values and conduct are consistent with our basic principles.


We believe that a healthy working environment and positive management culture contribute greatly to good cooperation and business development – we try to create good employment conditions, pay decent wages, implement and maintain all measures to protect the physical and psychological well-being and safety of our employees. At the same time we expect from our employees to be loyal and responsible when carrying out their duties, ensure that their actions or inactions may not cause any harm either to environment or to the reputation of the company or its business partners.


Greater flexibility through lean structures, efficient use of human resources, the most modern IT systems, and consistent adaptations to meet the demands of the raw materials market.