In 1997 NewCommodity Trading AG was founded as an independent legal entity to take over the activities of the coal department of its parent company PLAN MARINE which originally specialized in the field of port-handling equipment in the former territories of the USSR.  At that time former Soviet coal producers were seeking opportunities to supply markets they were unable to reach owing to financial and technological limitations. The emphasis was on overcoming the logistical challenge of processing raw coal by cleaning and screening to deliver high-quality products – anthracites, coking coals, and PCI coal – and to transport the goods by rail, ship, and/or barges from the mine directly to customers’ storage facilities.


Owing to the changes in the market dynamics of raw materials, NewCommodity Trading started to expand the company`s business activities, and since 2013 the company has been successfully realizing wholesale export deliveries with a wide range of oil products produced worldwide. The most important suppliers for NewCommodity Trading are companies that directly produce crude oil, and the key customers are major commodity traders, including those specializing in oil and petroleum products.

2013 – Today

Following years of success in the coal business, and to be able to focus fully on new business activities, NewCommodity Trading outsourced its coal division to its subsidiary in 2016. Thus, the company managed to maintain its long-term established relationships and expertise, and at the same time to stay focused on its core business.

Pursuing its long-term development strategy NewCommodity Trading AG opens up new markets such as Asia-Pacific region, and expands its product range including supply of non-ferrous metals, which enables the company to expand its trading activity, diversify risks related to changes in global environment and technological trends, and consolidate its global market position, and, thus, provides the company with a stable growth of profitability.